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An SEO Company with a Vision

At SEOIndia, our motto is to satisfy our clientele through our result driven 100% White Hat SEO solutions as we have the foresight to bring about that transformation required to help a business reap rich dividends in a short span of time and in an optimal budget. Our goal is crystal clear in front of us and that is to create a dynamic element for your online business where you get the maximum exposure, leads, visitors, hits and eventually customers to your website, day in & day out. Our proven strategies are designed in a way to dethrone your competitors as we have some of the leading SEO experts of the industry. Experience affordable SEO services in India as offered by the top SEO company in India.

India’s Leading SEO Company

SEO India takes a professional approach while implementing and executing an SEO campaign / project that is bound to taste success through our proven and scientifically formulated strategies that is practiced by seasoned and industry hardened SEO experts the world over. Our analysts have a distinctive edge over their counterparts as they have got years of experience in this domain that is characterized by intelligent thinking, pro-active decision making and smart conceptualization which are all traits of a seasoned professional. SEO company India, is into this business for decades transforming the business ambitions of companies / entities in a positive manner.

What Makes SEO India Different?

SEO India Company has the expertise, know-how and skills to drive the indices of business growth which is desired by all to survive in this fiercely competitive corporate world and every organization wishes to be in the top spot in search engines and be in the eyes of their prospective customers. We honestly help them in their endeavor of getting to that top position in Google organic ranking. Our sustained online marketing efforts are tailored keeping in mind the requirement of our clients and it is a perfect balance of On page & Off Page strategies that is made to deliver the results. We employ the most ethical White Hat techniques and adhere to the Google Webmaster Guidelines that is capable of delivering guaranteed results and this why our clients look for us and come back again and again.

Our Scientific SEO Strategies in a Nutshell

Keyword Analysis,Competitor Analysis and Trends

The first and foremost activity that we perform while executing an SEO campaign is an extensive site audit which involves keyword research, competitor analysis and back-link analysis by adhering to the latest search engine optimization trends. This forms the backbone of any standard SEO activity which is a combination of various other factors that make the whole process of website optimization, an amalgamation of scientifically devised strategies that is sure to create a definitive impact. Online business marketing campaigns can be a fruitful mix of On Page & Off Page strategies and we have mastered this art well to provide our clients the best SEO services in India. This is what the best SEO company India promises to all its clients who are looking for that decisive edge over their business rivals.

Website Content Optimization

‘Content is the King’ and we well understand this SEO fact. No one can undermine the fact that content plays a pivotal role in ranking a website in the top of organic search results and our highly experienced and creative content team leaves no stone unturned while generating thematic, relevant and unique website content as well as articles, blogs and various other Off Page posts which has a great search engine significance. We put extra emphasis on generating highly professional content that is keyword optimized taking into consideration the product / services / brand which we are promoting for our esteemed client. With the top Indian SEO company by your side, the task of content optimization becomes a lot easier as we have a dedicated team of highly experienced and versatile web content writers who are deft at penning quality content.

Off Page SEO Services

The role played by Off Page SEO can never be ignored as that constitutes a big chunk of any standard SEO campaign since it has all the best aspects of website optimization / website promotion in its arsenal. Starting from one way link building to article submission to social media optimization, each of which has a distinct role to play and constitutes the core to any search engine optimization activity. At SEOIndia, our experts have a solution for all your web marketing needs and that too in an affordable manner without creating a deep dent in your pocket. Our Off Page SEO solutions are regarded as the best in the industry due to its extensive nature and that is what differentiate ourselves from our competitors who lose out on focus, dedication and tenacity which we are best known for.

Our SEO Strategy – Creating a Virtual Impact for Your Business

Blog Posts


Link Building


Digital Marketing Essentials – Enlightening your brand online to prospective clients in real time and in a scientific way

Our SEO India Service Advantages

24×7 SE Traffic Updates

Log-in anytime of the day to see the project update of your website including SE work update and various other analytic detail.

Keyword Rankings

We offer historical rank checking and compare it with present rankings across all search engine platforms.

On Page Suggestion & Implementation

Our company SEO experts offer you the best On Page suggestions that help make your site perfectly keyword optimized.

Activities Reporting

Keep a check on your campaign activity via the e-dashboard and we keep you informed about the activities performed by us.

Social Media Reporting

Get Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and various other social media updates linked to your business.

Brand Management Reports

Not just SEO, we also take care of your brand presence as well by co-relating the various facts and statistics gathered from review sites.

Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research

Our SEO India team performs a comprehensive keyword research and analysis by coming up with the best business key phrases that are the most searched about keywords for any business. We look into aspects such as keyword competitiveness through the most reliable “keyword suggestion tool” which provides the most accurate information about keywords for any website and we help you choose from a list of options.

Market Analysis

Our experts perform a thorough market analysis and feasibility study before jumping into the actual work of Search Engine Optimization as that aspects needs to be taken care of scientifically in order to well understand the current market needs and market trends in relation to the SEO industry.

Competitive Marketing Analysis

This is a very important technical component in any said SEO strategy as that gives a clear picture about competitor strength and weakness and that helps to devise an online marketing plan by best understanding your competitor’s business strategy and tricks.

  • Research

    Keyword research is the key to any fruitful SEO activity.

  • Analysis

    Competitor analysis is the backbone of any scientific SEO activity.

  • Strategy

    Having a clear SEO strategy in mind makes our job well cut out.

  • Reporting

    We carry out a systematic and consolidated reporting format.

  • Implementation

    We implement the best SEO strategy on all operational levels.

Social Media Marketing

Locating Customers

At SEO India, our main objective is taking your business to your prospective customers on the web. Our Social Media Marketing solutions help you to do just that. By using our advanced tools and techniques, we find your prospective customers and then devise a strategy to reach out to them.

Creating Profiles

At SEO India, we ensure that you and your business establish a formidable presence on social media. That’s why we create profiles on popular social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and more. We also make sure that all those profiles make a positive impact on the mind of your customers.

Constant Monitoring

We constantly monitor your social media campaigns so to get the desired performance. We look out for changes in customer behavior, the level of interaction that your customers are having, recent trends and more. After analyzing the observations, we make necessary changes to the strategy so to continue achieving a high level of performance.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Analyzing Current Trends

Finding the solution begins with understanding the problems itself. That’s why we, at SEO India analyze your website thoroughly so to understand the reason behind its unsatisfactory conversion rates.

Use of Advanced Tools and Techniques

Our expert team at SEO India are proficient in Conversion Rate Optimization and they use the most advanced tools and techniques so to gather useful data regarding your site and its traffic. We analyze the data to come up with productive solutions that would convert a majority of the visitors to your website into paying customers.

Perform Professional Usability Tests

We would perform effective usability tests that would help us to analyze the specific areas of your website that needs work so to give your users a more seamless browsing experience. We have designed our usability tests in a way that reflects the present behavioral patterns of your customers.

Online Reputation Management

Use of Effective Content

Our professional and creative team of content writers would create attractive content like articles, blog posts, press releases and more, that would establish a positive image for you or your business (or both) in the online world.

Promoting on the right channels

SEO India is often hailed as one of the leaders in Online Reputation Management and one of the unique talents that we possess is the identification of the right channels for promotion. We search throughout the length and the breadth of the internet to find out the right websites which would be just perfect for promoting your brand.

Countering the Negative

We would identify the sites where your image has been shown in a negative light. We would analyze the impact it is having on your brand. Based on that, we would run a massive campaign that would give a push to your image by posting positive comments on suitable websites and taking all other necessary steps to counteract the negative publicity.

Why Choose SEO India?



Our in-depth knowledge about the scientific functioning of any SEO activity registers tellingly on the results achieved for any SEO campaign that we undertake for our esteemed clients globally.


Global Reach

Our footprints are visible in more than 50 nations as we work for clients across the globe from diverse industry verticals and who have instilled their faith upon us and we have gone ahead and delivered.


Team Strength

This is our best asset that we proudly flaunt to our clients as each and every member of our team is like a family whom we provide that space to operate in a free manner which produces the best results.



This comes with grey hair and we have few of them in our payroll who have aptly mastered the art of scientific web promotion and performs any task to its conclusion in a said time and in your budget.

What We Have Delivered

50,000+ validated sales leads generated since 2012

58% Increase in SEO traffic, year-over-year

950% Increase in #1 ranked keywords