Top 9 SEO trends Of 2018

SEO approach is continuously changing. While the basic concept remains the same, the approach is what that makes a makeover and keeps updating to create a more effective impact on the market. The introduction of new tactics and trends are given a warm reception. Here, we shall be focusing on 9 of the most promising SEO trends to conquer the digital domain in 2018. Let’s start:

Proper structuring of rich snippets

Snippets are considered to be sort of unlikely ranking hack that’s evolving big times. However, it’s the rich snippets that are making an impact. So, never confuse with regular snippets.

Before going any further, let me give you a brief overview of what snippets actually do. Well, a snippet can be defined as a result that the search engine highlight on the Results Page while returning a query request. When it comes to Rich Snippet, the information being displayed is much more ‘to-the-point’. A Rich Snippet has the ability to make users select better and more relevant results. You need to keep in mind that rich snippets never have a direct role to play as far as the ranking is concerned. Rather, they basically help in increasing the click-through rate. Now, common SEO trends clearly suggest the fact that increase in click-through Rate definitely helps in increasing the traffic and hence the overall ranking process.

Start now with proper structuring of the rich snippets to make your site reach the desired ranking in the search engine.

Measuring the speed of the page

Google emphasizes strongly on the page speed factor when it comes to measuring the performance of a site. If a site has pages that loads slowly (say, takes over 3 seconds to load), there tends to take place detrimental consequences. Some of these are listed below:

· Search engines start crawling fewer pages

· Increase in bounce rate

· Time on each page seems to be lower

Henceforth, it’s absolutely necessary to improve the overall loading time of the pages in your website. In fact, if you want to achieve a better ranking in the digital world, it’s a must-to-do scenario. Some of the necessary tweaks that can improve your site’s loading speed are listed:

· Optimizing the coding structure of your website

· Reducing the number of redirects

· Resizing the images before uploading

· Caching the website and its pages

· Limiting the total number of plugins used for the site

Always remember, the major task to focus is to improve on the page loading speed

Increasing the relevance level of the page

Page relevance is one of the major factors to consider as far page ranking is concerned. Search engines always look for relevant results in return for the queries being placed by users. Henceforth, the relevancy level of your website and the pages included playing a big part in the process. Basically, the content of the pages are the ones that act in adding to the search engine’s overall relevancy level. To improve the relevancy level of the contents, you need to do the following things:

· Focus more on publishing long-form contents than the short form ones

· Make sure that the topic is highlighted in the content is covered in details

· Never stick only to keywords; rather, do use related phrases and synonyms also

Voice search is making a strong impact

Talking has always been a more natural activity in opposition to typing. Hence, voice search is becoming fast popular. Searching the internet through voice commands is the need of the hour. If you want the site to rank higher up the tree, do consider including voice search options. Get the voice search process optimized accordingly. Taking advantage of the technological advancement in search mechanism definitely helps a lot in making your site rank higher up the order.

Consider using Linkless Backlinks

Confused, are you? But my friend, Linkless backlinks are very much prevalent in the digital domain. More importantly, this concept is becoming an extremely important factor to achieve a higher ranking. A linkless backlink is basically an approach to promote your brand or name through other web users. Search engines are smart enough to pick these names to identify the prominent level of them. It also acts as a trust signal for the names being mentioned. These links work in a similar way to the real links. But since they are used by other users, they are referred to as Linkless backlinks.

Natural language based queries

The searching process must be as natural as possible. That is what search engines are trying to focus on. They are looking at natural language queries. Languages that are being spoken by people every single day is what must be incorporated into the search. And the funny part: It’s becoming more popular and plays a crucial role in the ranking process. In fact, the natural language based searching process is a major SEO tactic that’s showing big promise in 2018.

Search personalization

In the modern environment, more personalized the search results tend to be, the higher the popular rate is. These days, SEO approaches are more focused on search personalization than opting to keep the searching process generic.

Link building

As always, the Link Building approach will never lose sight. It always remains an important SEO approach to achieve a higher ranking. Search engines always focus heavily on Link Building and it plays a major role in identifying the validity of a site. But then, be very careful in picking the links. Not all the links available are good ones. Focus on picking genuinely good links and eliminate the bad ones.

The mobile ranking is more important than desktop

These days, more and more users are inclined towards surfing the net via mobile devices like the smartphones and tablets. Henceforth, make sure that you rank well in the mobile web category. That’s crucial in building a strong identity in the digital world.

SEO trends keep coming and going but some of the approaches remain static. The above ones may have evolved higher in 2018 but considering the present market condition, they have the ability to stay beyond the proposed time limit.