Tips To Boost The Business Through Local SEO Approach In 2018

local seo

Understanding Local SEO concept

Local SEO can be defined as a certain type of digital marketing approach used for advertising businesses and services in the virtual world. Local SEO, if carried out properly, can help in aiding businesses to foster their services and products to potential consumers within the local geographical domain. A target time limit is fixed for pursuit. Local Search Mechanism a big process to locate services and businesses within the local geographical boundaries. This method is followed by hundreds and thousands of online shoppers and surfers on a regular basis. With the improvisation in technology concerning voice searching methods in smartphones and tablets, the concept of local search has taken tremendous heights in recent years. In fact, local search helps in figuring out an approximate percentage of customers for a specific brand or product in a specific geographical boundary. Such a scenario can be highly helpful in understanding the demand for a business or product in specific geographical regions.

Local SEO working fundamentals

Local SEO works through the following procedures:

Setting up of Google My Business Listings

First of all, you need to create your own Google My Business listing page. You need to make sure that this page has been optimized with all the required set of information related to your business like contact details, working hours, address, etc. Remember, stability is an important aspect to consider. Therefore, you must focus on the information being provided and make sure they are genuine and similar through all the online platforms being used. Google My Business is a crucial juncture for those who want to achieve top ranking in digital local search results.


Creating Location-Specific Landing Pages

Imagine your business enjoying a top position in several locations! Well, if you really dream of achieving such heights, it is necessary to create special landing pages for each and every location you target. If you find it extremely tough, then accept your defeat and stay behind your rivals in the search results. So if you are ready to take the challenge of developing location-specific landing pages, make sure you focus on using local keywords in context to your domain in the most effective way.

Google Map

The inclusion of Google Map is an integral part of the process. It helps in making the visitors and web surfers easily locate your business area and office address. Including an URL would also allow the consumers to book an appointment through SERP or Google Maps.


Using proper citation

The correct using of directories plays a crucial role in the local SEO ranking process. However, you need to use the directory wisely. The use of proper citations can help in providing a certain boost to one’s overall business ranking, thus resulting in generating the general awareness and importance of the business. Once this factor is created, it becomes easier to fetch more visitors towards the business. Also, the use of proper citations makes it easier for the consumers to locate the business online.

Collecting as many reviews as possible

You may not have focused on online reviews earlier. However, these reviews have a big role to play when it comes to local SEO proceedings and site listings. Simply speaking, reviews help in making or breaking a brand, business, service, or product. Whether online or offline, customers always look for reviews before approaching a business or service. Going through the reviews helps in developing a certain kind of impression about the business and services it offers. Review websites, hence, are so important for the business’s performance. Therefore, you need to invest in review sites and provide as many reviews for your business you can. The more relevant reviews consumers face, higher the chances of your site to meet the desired ranking position.

Get your website optimized to attract targeted keywords

It is not only about crowding the content of your page with the targeted set of keywords. That’s not the way to go. You need to determine the targeted set of keywords first. Then, you need to ascertain the pages that would target those set of keywords and associated phrases. Accordingly, the page optimization process needs to get started. That’s the right process to approach. You also need to be careful with the selection of keywords. Pick carefully the keywords that would be targeted for the specific page. It may not provide fruitful results if a single phrase or some common keywords target several pages. Additionally, the layout of your site is equally crucial for the SEO services. After all, Google has a tendency to crawl the WWW in the URLs.

Schema Markup

Schema markup is another important part of the Local SEO approach. Using Schema Markup, the website listing for a business can be tried and tested with different types of alternatives to figure out the best possible option as per the business. In other words, Schema Markup is basically a sort of HTML scrap that is included in the business site to exhibit details like tags, images, and also the results.

Earn links from different websites

Whatever type of SEO procedure you consider it cannot be completed without a proper Link Building phase. Any SEO strategy, without Link Building, is incomplete. Genuine links to the website are always regarded as a major element to decide on the ranking factor for the site. Google focuses on this factor strongly and checks carefully the sites along with the links to identify whether the links are in context to the site’s theme or not. If you have a business website, links from Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest are always a must.

Creation of top-quality content and proper promotional campaign

Any website, whether it’s a business or general level, should feature excellent informative content. The content, if written in a simple and clear language, without any grammatical errors, can create a major positive impact on the local SEO results. However, you also need to make sure that the content is unique and original. The content must be in context of the site’s theme. Once written, you need to publish and promote it on a regular basis.

Using Analytics to measure the success ratio

You can use Google Analytics or Google Search Console to understand your site’s present position and the areas of improvement. Work on the scopes accordingly for better results and higher ranking.

Follow these concepts to achieve better results and higher ranking while working with Local SEO. You need not have to get confused with the term ‘Local’. It’s basically an SEO approach but only targets a specific geographical domain (read, local region). But the basics of SEO remains the same.