Multi Location Companies and their SEO Campaigns

It needs to be understood from a layman’s perspective, that buying multi-location companies is a huge risk and at the same time, great honor in itself. Retail businesses often looks for buyers or takers, when they go bankrupt. But, it is up to buyers, what they wish to look or ignore while determining the asset value of a company, business or something else. However, it is very common of them, to not consider the SEO risks and benefits, because SEO seems small and minuscule, when talks of billions of dollars worth of transactions are on. But, once a deal has been closed, the buyer realizes that a lot of damage has already being caused.

Let us consider the case of a company that manufactures sports goods and accessories in the US as well as in Europe. In Google search, there would be a thousand different queries about the product(s) or simply the name of the brand with which the searched product has a close association. Now in respect to SEO or SEM, it is often observed that there is a strong correlation between brand queries online and overall rankings. This could be great SEO material that a company or an individual can scientifically work upon, to improve its web posture.

Highly competitive keywords are a great way to make things work in your favor. For example, a long tail key phrase or keyword, something like “buy running shoes Anaheim CA” would manage to pick up Local Pack or Local Search results easily,as it is post fixed by a city name and state. These queries specifically prioritize local search in a particular geographic location or region. Mind you, ‘Local’ also means local links which are of high quality. If the company has got 450 stores in different countries or across a single nation, then those 450 can be multiplied with hundreds of local business directories as well as local media links. Imagine, the heavy-duty citation profile that you would be able to create through these incoming links. Similarly, social media optimization (SMO) plays a crucial role in extensively promoting a newly launched product via the social community platform.

seo strategy

An acquirer would be willing to continue the local retail strategy of these sports brands, and would find these local citation links of immense strategic value for a particular brand. If you too are looking for professional expertise to deal with the SEO requirement of your brand, then hiring the services of a reputable SEO company India can be of great help. They come-kin with their years of expertise, skills and resources in digital marketing of SEM.

The second most important aspect is focusing on back-links. Often most people don’t know what they would do with a site’s back-links once they are acquired. In case you shut down or sell any location, not only will the local citation links disappear, but also their organic ranks in Google search results. However, the good part is that, it could take a while before those links disappear because of the complexity of the local business data that are doing the rounds in the web. But, the problem cannot be ignored, and you might not be in a position to do anything to resolve the crisis. In such a case you might trust on those juicy sponsorship that comes with tons of brand promotions. Moreover, if you had previously linked to really high authority sites, then that might also help in keeping up with your brand’s image and identity.

Companies with multiple locations might find it very challenging to conduct their SEO campaign, especially in the initial days. The risks are great, but the monetary benefits too cannot be ignored at all. For people who might not be very confident about handling the SEO aspect of their websites in an efficient way, hiring the services of a leading SEO India company would surely be a great thing to do.