Google Penalty Recovery

How to Recover from
Google Penalty?


As per statistics, Google changes its algorithm 500-600 times a year, a majority of which are minor changes, barring few. But what creates a decisive impact, is its two powerful whistle blowers in the form of Panda & Penguin, the newest being Hummingbird. It shakes the very foundation of any unethical, manipulated or dubious website. They are not just mere whistle blowers, but deliver judgments which are sometimes ‘very harsh’ for any particular website. At SEO India Company, we help you come out of one such penalty through our well strategized and scientifically formulated online game plan, which produces the desired results in a short time. We kick start any Google penalty removal campaign by taking into account all the factors associated, which has forced Google and its Bot to impose such a harsh sanctions on your website.

Google Panda Recovery

This is the most common penalty that Google rolls out very often for those sites that have very thin / poor quality content, and thereby ensures that they do not work their way out to the top of organic search engine results through manipulative or forged methods.

Google Penguin Recovery

This is another potent algorithm which catches hold of websites which are obtaining links from the so called ‘link farms’ and it is precisely what this algorithm takes into account while deciding to dethrone it from the present rankings to the lowest ever point.

Google Manual Penalty

This comes in the form of a manual action notice in your Google Webmaster Tool inbox, stating the exact reasons and urging you to take corrective measures in order to get back to status quo. If ever, your entire website has been penalized by Google, you will get information, pertaining to the reasons./span>

Prominent Signs of Google Penalty

  • Sharp decline in Google organic search results/rankings.
  • Your website may go missing from search results.
  • You may NOT receive a message from Google citing the reasons for penalization.
  • Your keyword ranking takes a big hit due to unethical, forged and manipulative links.
  • Sudden and huge decline in SE traffic/ visitor to your website.
  • With the passage of time, your keyword rankings further deteriorate.
  • Eventually, your website totally disappears from Google search results.