Focusing At Google Broad Core Algorithm Update 2018

Google Algorithm Update

The latest announcement from Google has left SEO professionals puzzled and curious. On the first day of August of the present year, Google has announced a thorough update to their core algorithm program. Ever since this announcement was made, SEO professionals and digital marketing experts are trying to figure out the exact scenario and the situation. What kind of changes are going to happen is the common point of discussion among digital marketing experts and SEO professionals. A lot of SEO experts are showing their dissatisfaction over this decision from Google because it has come all of a sudden and there’s a whole lot of areas to study and explore in order to understand the exact scenario. They are of concern as to how to recover from the update once it gets released.

Understanding Google Broad Core Algorithm Update

Over the years, Google has released several updates for the core. However, these updates always come with a proper name like Panda, Penguin, Fred, Pigeon, etc. Google used to mention the reason behind the release of the updates. Basically, those updates were released to address certain faults that existed within the algorithms. So naturally, the releases of those updates were done with some specific purpose in mind. Say, for example, Pigeon was released to address the disputes in local SEO spamming. Then, Penguin was released to address the link spamming scenario. But the latest announcement of Google Core algorithm update has not been made clear by the company. There are no specific highlights on what the update is going to offer or which faults it will be addressing. According to Google authorities, this latest core algorithm update will be totally different from what digital marketing professionals have experienced earlier. This update is being introduced to modify or even tweak the actual algorithm applicable to the search engine.

According to SEO experts, Google may well be considering the option to change the weights, order, importance, and values of 200-500 signals. That may well be the reason why Google is not being able to explain the exact scenario behind the chance. The changes, as per the situation, can be much detailed and will take a large amount of time and effort to take place. So it’s quite obvious that the Google professionals are not being able to highlight the areas that are going through the changing process. Also, they are keeping it tight not to disclose the complete algorithm secrets prior to the release.

The only option left to visualize the scenario is by looking at each of the 200 factors, starting with the factor having highest priority/importance and slowly moving downwards. Remember, of these 200 factors, 42 have been modified. This would clearly indicate the change in the ranking process. However, it may not be only the ranking factor that is going to affect the changes. There can be (and definitely there are) a vast combination of different factors, integrated together that results in addressing the change. Unless you have a clear idea about these factors followed by a detailed description, it will be extremely difficult to understand the actual scenario of Google’s core algorithm update.

Figuring out the right ways to recover from Google’s Core Update scenario?

SEO experts and digital marketing professionals are worried about the sudden announcement by Google regarding the Core Algorithm Updates. Most of these SEO professionals are throwing one common question: is there a way to avoid this update? Are there ways to recover from this mysterious Core Update? Basically, a lot of changes have gone through and several tweaks were made during the time when the programmers were trying to get ready for this Core Update scenario. If you find your site to suddenly drop its ranking, it may not be necessary that every other site being relevant to your site are going through a similar kind of scenario. The reason for a site’s ranking drop may be different when compared to another site’s drop in the ranking process. Each one will have different reasons to justify the scenario. It may or may not match some other site’s proceedings. Therefore, it will be an irrelevant assumption for you to consider that one site’s reason to drop the ranking will be the same point to consider for your site’s similar fate.

To date, there’s no update from Google regarding how the recovery phase will take place. Quite expected this type of scenario because Google may well have not come up with a suitable solution to the problem. As of now, it has been clearly understood that every site will have its own problem and a single solution may not be sufficient to address each of these sites. Depending on others’ way of handling the problem is not a justifiable solution. Certain things need to be considered like the presence of the keyword in the H1 tag of a page for your website and whether it’s available or not. But then, if this has been already addressed, it may not be able to carry much of weight as far as the results are concerned.

Who is getting penalized and who are the ones being rewarded is becoming a confusing state of scenario. As far conquering the Core Updates is concerned, there are certain areas that must be focused on carefully. These areas are listed below:

· Guidelines from Google

· Detailed and complete architecture of the site

· Opting for quality and not on quantity when it comes to content development and placement

· The intent of the users

Apart from focusing on these points, it’s equally important to consider updating your site on a regular basis irrespective of the ranking it has achieved. Even if the site has reached the top ranking position, never stop working on the updates. Never fail to keep your site up-to-date with the latest information and content. Unless you follow this approach, the sites that are not lagging much behind may well outnumber you shortly.

You must make necessary effort to understand the actual points that Google’s Core update focuses on. Try to understand how this core update works and what are the best ways to consider for a better ranking after this change happens. Also, in case of a sudden drop in your site’s ranking, never get dishearten. It may not be any wrong doings from your end; rather, someone else may have outshined your efforts and hence have got the reward through a better ranking scenario. It’s all about acting smart and in the most intelligent way. You need to research properly to figure out the right ways to pick the right recovery process after the Core Update takes place. You need to understand the areas that look vulnerable.