Deep Thinking The Concept Of Blog SEO

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Where does Blog SEO differ from Website SEO?

Before discussing anything, I want to be very clear regarding the fact that blogs are also a part of the web world. They are also websites but dedicated to a special type of viewers. There is absolutely no need to think that blogs are not a type of website or they have something more crucial to highlight. Blogs are definitely quite different from your regular business or e-commerce websites. However, they are also websites, catered to the needs of a specific set of audience. Because of this, the SEO strategies being implemented for blogs are somewhat different from regular website SEO services.

Speaking about blog SEO, the biggest point to focus is the content. The type of content you can observe in a blog site is very different from what you get to see on regular websites. When it comes to the SEO approach for a blog, it differs invariably from regular websites. In regular websites, the content is developed once and then the SEO procedures like social marketing and link building are carried out regularly to achieve the required ranking and generate high volumes of traffic. Now, coming back to blogs, you need to emphasize strongly on the content. Every day or week, new contents need to be published. This is where the SEO procedures become somewhat trickier and quite different.

Look at a normal website having 10-15 pages. It will usually require a single time On-Page SEO, followed by link building and then some effective social media marketing. On the other hand, when it comes to blog SEO, a number of pages keep on increasing with the publishing of more and more contents. With the increase in size for the blog site, On-Page SEO needs to be carried out on a regular/frequent basis. More importantly, the Link Building process also has to be carried out continuously. So you can clearly observe that the SEO approaches for a blog differ much from that of a website. More efforts and regularization approaches are required to handle SEO practices for blogs.

Ways to perform blog SEO

Basics of SEO approach remains the same for a blog site (in comparison to the regular sites). However, the approach to carry out the SEO differs largely for a blog site when compared to that of regular business sites or e-commerce portals. Not every SEO company can handle Blog SEO campaigns effectively. There are specialized service providers available. Here are some points to focus on while going for Blog SEO:

Deciding on the niche & the right kind of strategy

Focus on different SEO strategies right from the moment you are planning to open a blog. You can start the blog on a random niche, but that will not earn you revenues. You need to understand the right niche for your blog. Only then you can pick the most profitable niche to make a handsome earning from the blog. Starting a blog on a random niche will never earn you traffic and money. Sooner than later, you will lose interest and the blog site will be closed. That’s the reason why you need to look for a profitable niche. Try to do research with the primary set of keywords in different niches. This will let you understand the total number of people searching the keywords and what the competition level is like. Tools like Google Keyword Planner, Trends, etc. can be effective in these contexts.

It is always better to pick a niche with medium competition level and also a fair amount of searches. That can allow you to create a profitable blog in the least amount of time while letting you cash out the efforts. Once the niche is selected, you must not waste any time in setting up the blog. In the process, try building a proper strategy and get it implemented accordingly to make the blog work properly.

Targeting the right type of audience

When maintaining a blog, it is not only about writing contents on any topics. You need to understand the type of audience that you want to target. Accordingly, develop contents and share them on social sites. It is all about measuring the interest level of the audience. Try to deliver contents that the audience wants to see. Also, accordingly share it on social media platforms. In short, target the right type of audience for the kind of content you are promoting on your blog.

Developing killer posts

Always remember, what you post on the blog will decide the success level of the site. The right kind of posts helps in creating the perfect base for the blog. Make sure you handle this part carefully in order to achieve higher success. Before developing content, make sure you think deeply about the topic and research accordingly to deliver the best results.

Your post must be able to solve the queries of the readers. Additionally, the contents must introduce the readers to new and certain stuff that you are promoting.

By now, you must have understood that to maintain a blog, it’s absolutely necessary to focus on the posts. The contents you place in the blog must be effective enough to meet the requirements of the readers. Basically, if the viewers are satisfied with the material being available in the blog, half the work is done. The blog SEO approach will then be handled in a better and easier way. On the other hand, if the audience is not satisfied with the blog posts, you have to take care of the proceedings carefully and modify the posts accordingly to ensure better results.

Blog SEO approach is primarily focused on picking the correct niche and developing the most appropriate content accordingly. An experienced blog SEO company will make sure that the content is easy to understand, must feature the right set of keywords, and should be informative enough (in context to the theme of the blog). Other SEO approaches like link building, PPC, social media sharing, and keyword density measurements are mandatory parts of the process. However, make sure that the blog is updated on a regular basis with new and more informative contents. That’s critical for the success of a blog SEO campaign.