Best Link Building Strategies in 2018

link building

Developing links still remains the most effective method as far as a site’s performance is concerned in the search engine directories. But then, links play a crucial role when it comes down to achieving organic ranking for a site while ensuring constant growth process.

Backlinks, a major addition to the link development process, plays a major role in defining the overall success of a website. It is these links that provide a certain context and power to the pages that Google or any other search engine considers to be authoritative enough to make a mark in the search engine directories.

Understanding Link building

What is link building? What makes it so important to the SEO marketing approach?

Link building can be defined as a process to acquire hyperlinks from different websites towards a specific site. Say, for example, you want to do link building for your site. To make this happen, you need to acquire suitable links from different websites to your site. However, the websites you pick must be similar to your site in regards to content and theme.

A hyperlink or simply a Link is a way to allow users navigate between pages on the internet. Why these links are important is because of the fact that search engines use these links to crawl between different sites and pages on the web. Building suitable links for a site allows it to achieve heights of success in the digital world. Henceforth, link building is an important part of the SEO marketing process.

There are different procedures available to develop links to a site. Each procedure may vary considerably from one another. There are many techniques for building links. Each technique is different and varies in terms of style, difficulty level, and effectiveness. Also, link building is a time-consuming process. SEO professionals need to invest a lot of their effort and skills to ensure that they stay away from Black hat link building strategies or procedures.

The question that continues to make its round: What’s the best way to build links presently? What tactics SEO professionals take to create result-oriented White Hat link building strategies?

While opinions from different corners will segregate into different groups of mindsets, the primary strategy to achieve success is through focusing on quality. Yes, earlier focus used to be more on creating links in higher quantity. But what’s the use, if such high volume of links never fails to make any kind of positive impact on the website’s overall performance? Quality speaks, even if it comes in low volume. Simply keep in mind: no matter how limited the number of links to the site, make sure they always reflect the quality and hence, helps in making the site gain better prominence in the digital world.

Creating links to a site is a tricky situation. Yes, I would not tell it’s going to be difficult but definitely, you need to be extra careful in the approach. There will be tricky and challenging scenarios to face. Unless you are careful enough, the best results may not be achieved.

How links are created?

Before discussing the most effective link building strategies in 2018, we need to understand the building process of links. Yes, it’s important to know how links are created. Also, it’s equally important to understand the viewpoint of search engines as to how they interpret these links. How do they see them and what makes them decide the best ones from a wide range of options available?

Step by step to link creation

Let’s take an example, a sample link structure:

<a href=””>cat’s different styles and mood traits</a>

Start of a link tag


Also known as Anchor Tag, it opens the link tag to tell search engines what and which link to what is going to follow.

Link referral location


“HREF” stands for “hyperlink referral”. The text inside the quotation marks refers to the link it’s been pointing. It may not necessarily have to be a web page. It may well be an address to some specific file or image too. If you see something with # sign that indicates local links that would take you to a different section of the same page.

Visible/anchor text of link

cat’s different styles and mood traits

This is the text that follows the link referral location. On this text, you need to click in order to open the link. This text is formatted in a manner with colors and stylization to let users understand that it is the clickable link.

Closure of link tag


This is a symbol that indicates the end of the link tag to the search engine.

In the following lines, I shall be discussing some effective strategies related to link building and how these strategies can be implemented into your web development projects for maximum gain. Here is a look at some of the best link building strategies in 2018:

Focusing deeply on Data and Research

You need to invest your time and effort in data and research procedures. Be original in approach. The more you indulge in data and research work, better would be the information gathering process. You will be able to maintain originality while developing links to your website. Originality is the key to success. In an industry where everything revolves around content, there’s nothing more valuable than unpublished and original information. If you can hold a strong creative control over this type of a research work, the chances of gaining backlinks become higher.

Data and Research can, hence, be termed as Cornerstone Asset. You may question, “How?” Well, based on your findings, you can develop original content for slide shares, blog posts, press releases, generic articles, infographics, news portals, and many more.

Tips on using Data and Research for Link building process

The First Stage

First of all, you need to pick a topic that has a lot of readers. Or you can also think in another way: pick a topic of your choice and then figure out the type of audience/readers for that topic. Basically, what I want to convey is you need to have a clear understanding of your audience group in context to the topic being selected. Accordingly, you need to approach and take the initiatives.

The Second Stage

Next, you need to focus deeply on conducting research on each topic from different independent sources. Collect information and then compile them accordingly. However, you need to be selective in picking the correct information as per your demographic. Understand the scope of analysis for the topic you have selected and try gathering as much data possible from as many different sources available. Be more representative of the industry when delivering information. This will help in tremendous value addition to the project.

The Third Stage

In this stage, you need to focus on socializing your research material. You need to bring the research material before the world to make way for targeted audience group to educate themselves with more meaningful content on the topic. Look for the best and most legitimate options to publish your research. Publish the content, socialize it, look for the best and most productive marketing approaches to promote the content and the results will be positive. Always remember, your research materials will never be able to earn you links if it’s not been promoted properly. Without promotional campaigns, how would you expect anybody to know about your research contents? Also, make your content interesting in appearance by including some design elements like charts, graphs, and images. Once done, use the appropriate strategies to promote it and share it with the world.

The Fourth Stage

Based on what you have researched, it’s important to develop complementary content. You must use your research productively and accordingly develop a series of videos, podcasts, blog posts, twitter handles, and podcasts for better public awareness.

The Fifth and Final Stage

Again, promotion is the key. You need to promote and promote in a smarter way to share all those of your findings that can make sense as per the theme of the content. You need to work hard towards understanding who your target audience group is. Try to figure it out and learn about the subtopics that interest them the most. Accordingly, you can open a discussion forum for better exposure to your content.

Investing in Legitimate Links

Well, it’s never considered a great practice to purchase links. In fact, reputed search engines like Google, Bing, etc. always oppose this tactic and may impose a penalty on those sites who try to build links through purchasing. But then, is it totally that bad as it sounds? If focused more on the industry, you may find some options available that allows for the purchase of legitimate links like official sponsorship, creating guest content with disclosure, and paid product reviews. So, investing in link purchase process may not be a bad ploy if you consider the legitimate paid linking options. In fact, surveys have highlighted the fact that legitimate paid linking methods have an efficiency level in the range of 68% – 70%. You only need to ensure that something unnatural is not being created. An absurd amount of links being incorporated into a site would definitely raise the eyebrows of search engine tycoons like Google. If Google figures out unnatural link building for your site, a heavy penalty may well be imposed leading to banning of your site.

Procedure for Building Paid Links

If you ask for my opinion, I would never suggest building paid links. Rather, I would recommend building organic links. However, if building paid links are what you have made upon your mind, make sure there never happens an overflow of links. Try to ensure that the percentage of paid links never exceed 25% in total. You need to build links in a very deliberate and slow manner. Sneak through the working procedure of modern SEO and you will find that they also emphasize on generating maximum 20 links on a per month basis. I would recommend purchasing only a couple of such links. However, if your site’s organic link percentage is low, never even think of buying links.

My advice to all those who are looking for paid links, they must first carry out a whole lot of research on targeted sites. It’s essential to vet domains carefully prior to agreeing upon developing paid contents. Be careful of red flags that represent spam outbound links. Focus on a site’s domain history and page rank. If you find anything fishy, move away from them immediately.

By the way, you also need to vary your keyword-anchored text. This is an important part of the strategy. Keep in mind, there are thousands of reviews lying online, all of them using the same anchor text for search engine directory listing purpose. Similar anchor texts will result in creating a negative impact on your site and hinder the performance level. Therefore, it’s essential to focus on the keyword anchored text. Make sure, you create something unique and original to make a positive impact on Google.

When dealing with sponsored posts, it’s essential to disclose them. Once you pay a site to host sponsored content, it’s essential to disclose your involvement factor. You should never try to hide paid links from the readers. It can result in earning a direct penalty from Google!

Socializing the Content

Yes, socializing the content (or simply sharing content on social media) is essentially required. In fact, it is often regarded as one of the most effective link building strategies to consider. Delve deeper into the digital marketing domain and you will notice the effectiveness of link building through social media. Top-rated SEO professionals always value the inclusion of social media in regards to content sharing and linking through social media user profiles.

Steps to link building by sharing content on the social network

1. Look for social listening tools. Using these tools, it will become easier and more convenient for you to figure out targeted audience on the social media. Trying different social media platforms is necessary. This will help you in identifying the right platforms that have true potential in earning you brand mentions and necessary recognition. You must focus on such platforms first and try to utilize them in the best possible way.

2. Use the right kind of tools to find the best patterns in the content. Focus and figure out signs of engagement like comments, likes, and shares. Measure the density of engagement and then accordingly ideate similar kind of topics to engage your audience.

3. Always focus on quality over quantity. You need to ensure developing high-quality content for the site. Always develop contents being tailored to the audience’s interest and preference level.

4. Promotional campaigns play a definite role in the process. Social sharing is the key but must be done in an appropriate way. Simply publish the content and wait for the impact. Patience is the key. If the content matches the wavelength of your targeted audience group, the promotional part will happen automatically. The positive word of mouth from the audience will help in promoting the content.

5. Re-marketing the content is also necessary. You have marketed the content and witnessed a steady flow of audience. But then, should you stop with the process? No, you should never stop there. Re-market the content and continue doing it to create maximum momentum. If you are using twitter handles, then retweet it on a regular basis for quite some time. If you have used Facebook as the social media platform to share your content, look for other platforms too for sharing. Provide a boost to the content at least once in ten days. It will help in catching the attention of many interested targets those who may have missed the content during your first promotional attempt.

Link building with Videos

Link building with videos has always been an effective strategy that enjoys strong success rate. According to experts of the game, self-hosting videos on the website or even sharing them on social media pages have proved to be successful. Therefore, never shy away from including videos into your back link building strategy.

The question is: How to develop back-links with video?

Simply share and promote any self-hosted video on the social media platform. It’s absolutely similar to how you share other contents. Once done, you need to reclaim some of the links that popular social video network channels like YouTube have gained for the content. Visit YouTube Analytics and move to Traffic Sources. From here, you can detect sites that have embedded your posted video. This will allow you reach out to them. You can now request these sites to include a link to your website.

By the way, you need to have a good back-link checking software tool. Use it to run your YouTube URL. The tool will allow you to detect websites that have linked to the video you have shared. Accordingly, you can request them to include the link to your page on their sites.

Publishing interviews related to your domain

This is another effective link building strategy. You need to focus on publishing PR based assets. Publishing suitable interviews that target your domain or area of expertise will help a lot in the process. It will be a great source to learn about your services by the readers. In fact, it’s the readers who will start sharing these interviews if they find them enthralling.

At the same time, you also need to keep in mind that there are two major elements that make for a perfectly apt interview:

· Interviewing the right person like the big ticket customer or the key influencer.

· Asking the right questions to keep readers engaged with insights into suitable topics like customer values, successful business practices, etc.

Tips on creating link-worthy interviews

Planning is a critical part of the process. Do the homework properly. It will allow you to discover the most appropriate topics as per the taste of your audience and also identifying the influencers. When interviewing a customer, try to look for information concerning company success rates, size, and domains. It would result in creating a more compelling interviewing environment.

Create a blueprint. Jot down questions that you would love to place during the interviewing session. Prepare the set of questionnaire well in advance. It will give you ample option to work on different questions and finalizing the best ones for the interviewing session. Always focus on questions that will directly satiate the readers’ overall curiosity level while addressing the most common queries.

Flexibility is the key to success. Scripted interviews are definitely quite tedious in nature. But you need to stay alert and get ready to steer your interview back on track in case they go out of the track. Remember, speaking anything out of the topic will create a negative impression among the viewers. Always keep options for follow-up questions to the topic that the readers will value.


There are basically two reasons to use links by search engines:

· To help with discovering new web pages.

· To help with determining how well the page may rank in the results.

Search engines will always try crawling on web pages. Once they do so, they have the power to extract the content of specific pages and add it to their index list. However, they will do so, only if they find the quality meeting their guidelines. Focusing on the content of the page is critical. The number of links being pointed to the page from external sources also plays a major factor in the process. The relevancy and type of keywords being used also make a strong impression. Links are always crucial to the success of a page. The more high-quality websites that your page is linked to, better the chances of gaining higher ranking in the search engine directories. However, White Hat link building services are always recommended. Those who indulge in Black Hat link building will find the site getting banned in Google and other reputed search engines. Always employ in fair practices. Trying to achieve a higher amount of links for the site to gain momentum may make the scenario look promising at the start, but soon the pace will slow down and the site will falter miserably. Henceforth, act accordingly and make a conscious honest attempt to success. Trust me, the result will be long-lasting.