15 Most Effective Digital Marketing Tools For Startups And SMEs

digital marketing tools

Most of the SMEs as well the startup ventures opt for digital marketing campaigns to promote their brand in the virtual space. Digital marketing, if carried out properly, can help in strengthening the online presence of a company or brand. Some are of opinion that digital marketing is an expensive affair which in itself is a misconception to consider.

Digital marketing requires some specific set of tools to get carried out. There are an innumerous amount of tools available to get the procedure done. However, not all these tools are available for free. We have researched and tried different tools to sort out some of the most effective ones available for free. Here, we shall be discussing 15 such free digital marketing tools that Small medium enterprises and startups can use to strengthen their online presence. Getting started is necessary; once things are going on in a positive way, paying for better results can be an option to consider.

Google Analytics

Speaking of digital marketing tools, the name of Google Analytics will undoubtedly be hitting the discussion. It is one of the most popular and important digital marketing tools to consider. It offers a free web analytics service and regarded as the backbone of any digital marketing campaign. It features a very unique tracking code scenario that generated an incredible number of metrics to users at absolutely no cost.

Keywords Planner

Keyword Planner can be described as the culmination of the Keyword tool and Estimator tool from Google AdWords. It is regarded an extremely effective tool by the SEO experts when it comes to searching relevant ideas restricted to a specific set of keywords.


BuzzSumo is another important tool used by digital marketers when it comes to gaining access to relevant and useful content. The tool comes with a rather simple and easy interface. You simply need to input the key phrase in the search bar and it will display the list of all the popular posts that are relevant to the keyword or phrase being used.


Hootsuite is another popular SEO analytics tool that addresses multi-social networking clients’ needs and queries. Using this tool, the users can easily integrate some of the most renowned social media platforms and then manage all the social media accounts of a user under one interface, thus saving a lot of time and effort.


SimilarWeb is one of the most effective digital marketing tools available presently to have an overview of the site’s present ranking. A single click and you will be redirected to the site’s present standing in the search engines along with user engagement scenario. It will also offer key digital metrics comparison with leading companies and direct competitors to have a clear view of your present market position.


Boomerang is a high utility plugin used exclusively with Gmail to schedule all your outgoing emails to hit the consumer inboxes within the shortest time frame possible. If you are into email marketing, this tool can prove to be highly effective. It helps in creating and monitoring email campaigns with a simple approach. Additionally, it also promises easy integration with all of your social media to account within quick succession.


SEMrush is a highly effective competition analysis tool for SEO procedures. It not only allows you to research on the keywords and phrases being used by the competitors but also emphasizes on their backlinks and website traffic scenario. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in finding better keywords for your site and also helps in fixing any kind of website issues.


Hotjar is an SEO tool used primarily to have a clear and detailed understanding of the website traffic. This mobile and website analytics tool help in optimizing the conversion and usability rate of your website.


Canva can be a highly handy tool for non-designers who want to work with info-graphics. Using this tool, you simply need to drag and drop the elements to create the best info-graphics and other visuals, graphics, and presentations. It is one of the most effective tools to address blogging, content marketing, advertising, and social media needs.


Simply Measured is one of the better marketing tools for social media analytics and metric measurement. This tool assists the users in monitoring a specific set of keywords (online mentions) for better results and easier decision-making approach.


CharlieApp is an essential tool that allows for easy organizing of your entire digital media collectibles. It undergoes systematic compilation and storing of all the essential info about people that you have scheduled for an appointment. This will ultimately help in making the meetings more effective from your side.


SocioBoard is an open-source tool for effective management of social media. It is one of the most effective tools to let the user reap major benefits out of any Social Media Marketing Campaign.


Wistia offers video hosting services for SMEs, startups, individuals, and even established businesses. This online video marketing SEO tool plays a crucial role in optimizing the content marketing strategies of the users through effective customization of videos and also by undergoing critical brand awareness sessions.


SlideShare is arguably the largest and most popular photo slideshow tool for digital marketing professionals. This tool offers a wide range of photo editing options and numerous output as well as input choices to play with.


Rapportive is a small but effective blogging tool, available free of cost. This tool helps in describing the social media details of an email sender. This tool is one of the best options if you are planning to integrate a social media account, say LinkedIn to your mail server like Gmail or Yahoo Mail.

These tools are extremely effective and enjoy strong popularity among digital marketing experts. However, some of these tools also come with paid advanced versions with a higher set of features and options. But for beginners, the free versions can be enough to handle the basic SEO responsibilities for the site. If you are new to digital marketing, try using the basic free versions of these tools to understand their working procedures and functional aspects. Once you are well accustomed with their working process and have gathered a fair bit of experience in the SEO and digital marketing domains, try for advanced versions to create higher impact and achieve better ranking in search engine directories.