Reputation Management Service

Reputation Management – A Brand New Business Marketing Concept

Have you ever thought of improving your online fame and recognition for attracting more web visitors ? The million dollar question is, how to accomplish this feat. Where would you go to have a rock solid online reputation work done for your business in the most precise manner ? These are some of the questions that crop up in your mind if you are an entrepreneur and your business is on a downward trend due to dwindling customers and sales figure. We are here to provide you a complete customized and tailored business solution to improve your online fame and web visibility. Our web experts are highly experienced in undertaking any major online reputation management activity to help promote your brand to your prospective customers in the best way.

How we help you achieve a perfect online reputation or brand image

Our tailored approach to help you achieve that perfect company branding solution is acknowledged by the leading players of the industry who are our esteemed clients. Firstly, we conduct a thorough feasibility study of your website and then go about finding the reasons for its inability to attract customers. Through our reputation management experts we help build that positive image about your business or brand over the web by creating good remarks, comments about your company. Our activities include the following:

  • Posting of positive feedback, comments on various forums, answers and social media sites.
  • Neutralizing the effects of wrong and malicious propaganda launched by your rivals.
  • Act as a virtual cleansing agent for your online business.
  • Creating positive remarks and customer testimonial about your brand, products and services.

Who requires online reputation management?

  • Companies who face stiff business competition locally or globally.
  • Organizations whose online reputation and fame has been maligned by its immediate business rivals or competitors.
  • Entities who are unable to attract visitors online even though they possess a healthy product line.
  • Business entrepreneurs and professionals like lawyers, doctors, dentists, business consultants who think of attracting customers over the web.
  • Small to medium sized business entities who face stiff competition in a local market. For example, if a business has been falsely maligned by its competitors over the web through negative comments, we jump into the the act by deleting those negative comments and remarks created by your rivals through creation of positive healthy remarks over various forums, answers and blogs. In this way, we negate the effects of bad comments by generating good reviews about your business and help you generate more online traffic and customers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Reputation Management Service

A) What would be the actual time needed to clean the bad remarks posed by business rivals?

Answer: 3-6 months for removing all the negative promotion and replacing them with positive feedback. It might take even longer if your business rivals continue to create negative remarks about you.

B) How much would it cost?

Answer: Typical reputation management usually costs $399 / month.

C) Is this service guaranteed to produce results?

Answer: Results are 100% guaranteed. During campaign, if there is no new bad reviews come, then we’ll be able to push bad reviews beyond 1st or 2nd page.

D) How long do i need to continue with the reputation management service?

Typical ORM campaign runs for 3-6 months. If more bad reviews or bad remarks come within this period, then you might need to continue service for longer period, to get all bad reviews get rebutted.

A Brief Synopsis

Our professional reputation management service has the power to transform your dormant lying business into a vibrant one with an increased visitor traffic to your website. strongly believes that the success to your business growth lies deep rooted in the standard of online promotion promotion that you have embarked upon. It is this thinking that has helped us to come up with the most innovative company branding and online reputation management solutions for our customers and clients located all across the globe.

Please feel free to contact us with your question and do let me know your website url and keyword(s) for which you want to hire the service. Our Online Reputation Management (ORM) Service pricing starts from $399/month.