Google Penalty – Bad Link Removal

Bad Link Removal Service from SEO India to avoid Google Penalty

Have you ever given a thought, why your site has been pulled down from its deserved ranking in Google to a ‘point of no return’. There are certain SEO theories and reasons to it. One of them being, the so called low quality links to your site which are fetched from bad neighborhood sites. Any links from one such bad neighborhood site like those of pornography, casino, gambling, poker, cialis, viagra etc. can seriously hamper the reputation of your website in the eyes of Google and thus result in severe penalization and eventually a drastic drop in ranking. Google also severely penalizes those websites which do pagerank trading, excessive use of same anchor text, brings poor quality links from directories, forums, link farms and so on. When Google penalizes any site, it downgrades its ranking to such an extent, that coming back from that position to its original state in the SERP’s might take months if not years.

As the leading internet marketing firm, provides its customers with extensive link removal services to help cleanse their online fame and achieve a healthy web presence. We have ramped up our existing facility in India and created a separate department of link experts who are specialists in the area of link removal which is termed as a critical activity. The process of link removal is as follows:

  • Conducting a feasibility study of the client’s website / portal.
  • Assess the current position / ranking of the client’s portal.
  • Causes leading to Google penalization.
  • Quantity of links that need to be removed.
  • Time taken to accomplish the link removal process.
  • Time taken to bring back the website to its original state.
  • Calculate the return on investment (ROI) for our clients.

This is actually a brief synopsis of how a particular website gets affected due to ‘bad links’ and how as a company we help our clients come out of a situation like that of Google penalization. There are many more reasons to it and links from ‘bad neighborhood’ sites is one of them. Other negative practices which Google penalizes severely are keyword stuffing and cloaking. We have thus formulated a special in-house team that would work dedicatedly on any mega link removal project. Through our proven expertise in the field of specialized SEO services, we are able to satisfy our clients by providing them the much required bad link removal service to save them from the consequences of Google penalization.

What we require from You:

  • We need complete access of your Google webmaster tools account to check your site’s current link profile.
  • If you had previously hired any other seo company, then we would require all the reports of that particular company. We need to see what kind / quality of links they built for your site.
  • Your web content might require certain changes in order to make them search engine friendly, so we might require access of your website.

Cost of link removal service

  • Full audit of links (data must be shared from Gogole webmaster tools) upto 10,000 backlinks: $200 – One time payment.
  • If you have backlinks between 10000 to 25000 then one time audit charge would be $400.
  • If you want us to remove most of your bad links then cost is $400/month. Estimated time 2 – 4 months.